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OEM/ODM services



Now is the age of service-based economy globally. The individualized OEM service has now become the mainstream operation mode where the enterprise caters to customer needs. BESTTRAVEL devotes itself to the sharing of professional technical and management resources with clients and becoming a quality OEM.





According to the product concept proposed by clients, BESTTRAVEL can provide individualized and one-stop product solutions. Our management system covers R&D, raw material purchasing, production, delivery and aftersales services to ensure the traceability, product safety and on-time delivery.




As a professional in the research and development of travel adapters, we always take the new technology development and transformation as the foundation for the company’s development, striving for a breakthrough in each technological field and providing good-quality, reliable and safe products to our customers. We believe in our R&D strategy based on innovation, high-efficiency and robustness, the creation of new market needs, further technological creation, process innovation and product innovation.


By far, BESTTRAVEL owns more than 40 patents, having accumulated and updated its techniques constantly to ensure that the products are competitive and proactive. It also makes efforts to provide more competitive product solutions.



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