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SGS awarded Besttravel the first CB certificate of travel adapter in China to concluded strategic cooperation relationship between the two sides.

Recently, SGS, an internationally recognized inspection, verification, testing and certification company, officially awarded Dongguan Besttravel Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Besttravel") the first CB certificate of travel adapter in China, The two sides formally concluded a strategic partnership of cooperation. Mr. Zhao Hui, director of SGS consumer electronics business department and Mr. Wang Feng, general manager of Besttravel attended the awarding ceremony. In the future, the two sides will work together to carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in product testing, certification, technical exchange, personnel training and other fields, so as to help Besttravel enhance its global competitiveness and successfully enter the target market.

Mr. Zhao Hui (right), director of SGS consumer electronics business department, presented a plaque of strategic partner to Mr. Wang Feng (left), general manager of Besttravel.

Mr. He Jingye (right), component technical manager of SGS consumer electronics business department, issued the first CB certificate of travel adapter to Mr. Wang Feng (left), general manager of Besttravel.

In recent years, the universal travel adapter has become one of the necessary article for every person going abroad. Since there is no safety standard reference for travel adapter similar to IEC 60884-2-5 in the early stage, many manufacturers often produce travel adapter with poor quality, It often causes electric shock, explosion and other phenomena. Europe, the United States and other countries have repeatedly called for the recall of such products. At present, the quality of travel adapter has attracted much attention of the society. Quality standards and the improvement of  product quality has also been highly valued by the industry. The regulations and standards of travel adapter  are more and more stringent in various countries. The travel adapter market is full of opportunities, but this industry also faces many problems and challenges in the process of development. How to deal with the market competition, how to improve the technical content of products, how to improve the risk control and regulatory standards system are the challenges faced by every enterprise.

At the ceremony, Mr. Wang Feng, general manager of Besttravel said: Besttravel as a professional enterprise of travel adapter R & D, which has been focusing on the development of travel adapter and socket, with an independent development laboratory, always taking the development and transformation of new technology as the develop foundation of the company, providing consumers with high-quality, reliable and safe products as its own responsibility, and always adhere to the professional test data of the third party test agency to verify product quality.This time, The SGS test team referring to IEC 60884-2-5 safety standards for travel adapter and the needs of Besttravel, provides customized and personalized test certification solutions, so that Besttravel can successfully pass the test project of IEC 60884-2-5, its fully reflecting the professional technical level of SGS and high-quality service for customers. The obtainment of the certificate provides a strong guarantee for us to win the international market.

Zhao Hui, director of SGS consumer electronics business department, said:  In the face of iterative products, constantly updated regulations and standards around the world, and diversified testing needs of customers, SGS has been actively playing a comprehensive application ability of cross-industry and cross-professional, and leading the industry.This time, Besttravel successfully obtained the first CB certificate of travel adapter in China, which shows that Besttravels products have reached the international advanced level in R&D, manufacturing, production process, etc., and can meet the application standard requirements of international travel adapter.In the future, the two sides will further strengthen strategic cooperation, realize complementary advantages and resource sharing, and jointly promote the electronic and electrical industry to enter the era of global service-oriented economy.

As an internationally recognized third-party testing and certification company, SGS group has a worldwide network of regulatory experts, rich testing and certification experience and internationally recognized laboratories.SGS China's electronic and electrical safety testing laboratories have obtained CNAS accreditation and CB test laboratory (CBTL) certificate issued by IECEE. The laboratory equipped with advanced testing instruments and testing equipment, it can provide efficient and professional one-stop testing and certification services and international market access services for travel adapter manufacturers and traders.

About Best Travel Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Best Travel Electronics Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales. Founded in 2010. The company has been committed to the research and development of travel adapter. We focus on solving the problem of incompatible plug and socket encountered while travelling around the world for business travel consumers. we have successfully applied for more than 50 patents. We have an independent safety laboratory with complete experimental equipment.

In 2012, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, passed the European BSCI and North American WCA social responsibility factory inspection in 2015, and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2017. In 2018, the company obtained the first BS8546 certification in the travel adapter industry, It has  achieved zero breakthrough in the industry, and leading and promoting the rapid development of the industry.

We are striving to design classic and trustworthy products through continuous innovation. We will follow through our concept as “being honesty; with focus; for a win-win situation; being aggressive” to provide you with the best service.

About SGS

SGS is an internationally recognized inspection, verification, testing and certification company, with more than 94000 employees around the world, distributed in more than 2600 branches and laboratories, constituted a global service network.

SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991 by SGS group and China standard technology group, which is subordinate to AQSIQ system. Now it has an extensive network of 78 branches and more than 150 laboratories in China, with more than 15000 trained professionals working for us.

Source of the news:  SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd.

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